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Executive Director, Amcham Vietnam

Team building for "issues management"​ at the interface of government and industry.

In Vietnam, AmCham's mission is to "help make Vietnam the most attractive business environment in Southeast Asia."​ Yes, that's ambitious. In 2014, organized the "Vietnam Trade Facilitation Alliance,"​ together with USAID, VCCI (Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry), and other leading business associations in Vietnam. In 2013, led efforts to build understanding and support by Vietnam business associations for joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. See for details. Previous major projects: 1999-2001: helped conclude and ratify the VN-US Bilateral Trade Agreement. 2002-2008: helped build environment for healthy U.S.-Vietnam trade in the apparel sector, Vietnam apparel exports to US increased from less than $50 million to $10 billion in 2014, and the 2nd place supplier for the U.S. apparel market. 2008-2012: cooperated with VCCI, other business associations, Ministry of Labour on a revised Labour Code as part of the Prime Minister's Action Plan for "​... enhancing leadership, providing direction for the development of harmonious, stable and progressive labor relations within enterprises."​ Not as successful as hoped; much more work ahead.

In Japan, worked with MITI, MOPT and USG agencies to help write the "Telecommunications Business Law"​ in 1984-1986; with MITI and MOFA to implement the "GATT Code on Technical Barriers to Trade"​ (standards and certifications), 1981-1983; and with the Kansai International Airport Corp. to implement the "Government Procurement Code," for the Kansai International Airport Project.

Specialties: Industry-Government coalition-building and issues management. Chamber of commerce / association management.